Artist Bio

Suzanne Simone has been cultivating her art since she was a young girl. As a lover of all things beautiful in their various forms, she finds photography to be expressively poetic in it’s endless potentials! With this idea motivating her behind the lens, she’s essentially able to paint a blank canvas with her photography! The capability to create whatever we desire within a picture is one of the greatest qualities an artist can possess, and each shoot presents new opportunity for her to journey deeper into her passion! Becoming a photographer was a natural progression. Having spent a lifetime onstage singing, dancing, and acting, it was her mom whose exquisite photography she idolized growing up! While in her teen years she began her own extreme love affair with the art, and it was in college at the University of South Florida that she realized utilizing her B.A. in Communications was the perfect career path! Working with people through photographic arts is highly communicative! Being a photographer has been the greatest blessing, and she has always been extremely happy to have continued on this exciting road! When not behind the lens, she can easily be found singing, dancing, acting, or writing. Dearest to her is spending time with her loved ones watching movies, having conversation, and just breathing in the enjoyment of life!